Rotor is a Brazilian Rock band from the interior of São Paulo formed in 2003 by childhood friends who are passionate about music.
Influenced by English and American rock, the band aims to spread their music around the world focusing on musical quality, striking lyrics and unforgettable melodies.
Bands like U2, Pearl Jam, Queen, Oasis, Tears for Fears, Kings of Leon, Bon Jovi, are part of the group's inspiration.
The current lineup includes Claudio Mattioli (vocals / bass), Eli Maciel (drums), Paulo Hank Pestana (guitar / keyboards) and Luiz "Lobão" Mantovani (guitar).

Through pocket shows presented in front of the Universities of São Paulo, the project called "In front of the Faculs", gives the band a contract with the English label EMI in 2006, releasing their second album entitled “Porque os leões de circo não se revoltam". With two videos broadcast by MTV and the song "Meu Controle Ausente" in the soap opera "Alta Estação" (Record TV), Rotor obtains great exposure in the media passing through several TV shows like Jô, Multishow, Cazé, Astrid, Woody, SPTV, etc…

Between 2007 and 2012, the group goes through changes in their line up, and with new blood injected Rotor launches its third album independently entitled "What is the distance?", recorded simultaneously in Portuguese and English.
The album is showcased in Brazil and USA in 2013, in addition to social media and digital platforms.

Today, Rotor continues its shows through Brazil and is preparing for the launch of new singles at the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019, in addition to a tour in Latin America and participation in big Festivals, stay tuned ... We are the Rotor!


Rotor also features two well refined side projects,"U2 and Bon Jovi Tributes”, featuring a setlist with the best hits from two of the world's biggest and most respected rock bands.
With the music gear carefully selected to achieve the technical quality of these groups, Rotor can efficiently reproduce the characteristics and sounds of both bands, achieving great praise throughout Brazil.